‘Expert RA’ rating agency affirmed APB’s rating at A+ - very high level of solvency
‘Expert RA’ rating agency affirmed rating of Asian-Pacific Bank at A+ (very high level of solvency), sublevel I, stable outlook.

There are several factors that have positive impact on the Bank’s creditworthiness: low concentration of asset-side operations on subjects of high credit risk (on 01.12.13 largest credit exposures to assets net of provisions amounted to 13%), high profitability (for the period from 01.10.12 to 01.10.13 ROE was 33%), as well as APB’s strong competitive position (the Bank is the leader among regional banks in the Far East and Siberia in terms of net assets) and high diversification of depositors’ accounts. In addition, rating-positive factors for the Bank as highlighted by ‘Expert RA’ include stability of the funding base, positive public credit history, broad geographic reach and balanced assets and liabilities at the short horizon.

"Confirmation of APB’s high credit rating is an indicator of stable financial position of the Bank, stable growth trend of our core businesses, high quality of the assets, as well as positive results of the Bank in 2013, - said Mikhail Pavlov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, - we are also satisfied with agency’s assessment of our work on improvement of APB’s effectiveness, strengthening the Bank’s competitive position and improvement of management systems in the Bank”.