New Executive Board was formed in Asian-Pacific Bank

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Asian-Pacific Bank’s shareholders held on April 26, 2019 has elected a new Board of Directors.

Pozhidaev Dmitry has become the Chairman of the Board.

The New membership of the Board of Directors:

  • Pozhidaev Dmitry
  • Avramov Sergey
  • Demidova Nina
  • Zvereva Ekaterina
  • Kazantsev Evgeny
  • Kononykhin Dmitry
  • Kontsevoi Denis

By the decision of the Board of Directors of Asian-Pacific Bank from April 26, 2019 Sergey Avramov was appointed as the Chairman of the Executive Board.
New members of the Executive Board:

  • Avramov Sergey
  • Malakhov Mikhail
  • Novikov Vladimir

Electing new members to the bank’s permanent management bodies is another step by the Bank of Russia to improve the financial stability of Asian-Pacific Bank. The provisional administration stage is over and the bank will be managed by the newly elected collective bodies.