Our Bank’s advantages:
High quality
Cash and non-cash payments
without fulfilling any checks
Online acceptance and
processing payments
Efficient control over crediting
and payments of clients



Asian-Pacific Bank provides its clients with a wide range of loan products:
  • Consumer loans
  • Car loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Credit cards and overdrafts with deposit cards
Asian-Pacific Bank accepts deposits in roubles, US dollars or euro. The Bank has developed special deposit programs for pensioners with high interest income. All deposits are insured in accordance with the Federal Law “Concerning the Insurance of Deposits Held by Physical Persons with Banks of the Russian Federation”.


Advantages of placing deposits with Asian-Pacific Bank:
  • High interest rates and capitalization of interests allow customers to maximize income and minimize the risk of inflation
  • Make additions to your deposits
  • Choose the interest calculation: monthly or upon the maturity date
  • Interests can be paid to the account of a plastic card or on-demand account
  • Manage your deposits: make additions and use part of your deposit without the loss of interests
  • Automatic deposit renewal
  • Small minimum amount required to open a deposit.

Plastic cards

Asian-Pacific Bank issues MasterCard/Visa debit and credit cards.
Banking card of Asian-Pacific Bank is an universal mean of payment, which allows customers to:
  • Make non-cash payments for goods and services in Russia and abroad. No fees
  • Withdraw cash in the ATMs and cash points at any time
  • Enjoy purchasing with the banking card in any country without any limits, besides the payments can be effected in the local currency regardless of the currency of the card account
  • Keep money in safety. In case of lost or theft of the banking card, the holder won’t lose the money on it

Payments and transfers

In all branches of Asian-Pacific Bank the clients enjoy payment and money transfer services.
APB cooperates with the leading money transfer systems and accepts the fullowing types of payments:
  • utility bills
  • payments for power, heat, water supply
  • payments for telephone and internet
  • payments for mobile service
  • payments for security
  • utility bills
  • payments for power, heat, water supply
  • payments for telephone and internet
  • payments for mobile service
  • payments for security

Corporate customers


Asian-Pacific Bank is one of the largest regional banks in the Far East and Siberia and provides:
  • Efficient decision-making. APB keeps regional spirit and principles of efficient decision-making concerning crediting, which guarantees success in the current market of banking services.
  • Personalized services. No bureaucratic credit procedures and the transparent procedure of crediting. ATB provides the clients with a possibility to implement projects on mutual advantageous terms.
  • Interest discounts depending on the credit history, liquidity, VIP-status of the APB’s client.

Trade finance

Besides, APB in cooperation with the leading international financial institutions implements programs for financing small and medium enterprises and energy-efficient projects of its customers.


Asian-Pacific Bank offers financial leasing and leaseback through its subsidiary company «EXPO-Leasing». You can lease different kinds of machinery and equipment, including road-building machinery, freight, food transportation equipment, packing equipment.
The advantages of leasing with Asian-Pacific Bank:
  • personalized service
  • flexible schedule of lease payments
  • potential lessees are evaluated by management accounting reports
  • established cooperation with providers
  • up to 3 years depending on terms of leasing
  • soft insurance of leasing subjects

Operations with precious metals

Asian-Pacific Bank is one of the leading commercial banks by gold purchasing from miners (rated No.6 in 2012 according to “Prime” agency).
  • APB offers precious metals purchasing from Russian commercial banks on beneficial terms in the form of standard or minted bars.
  • The Bank sells precious metal bars on both Russian and foreign markets. The bars are produced by the leading Russian refineries and satisfy international quality standard “Good Delivery”, which is accepted by all the participants and market-makers of the precious metals market.
  • Having gold export license, APB delivers gold bars with a total weight of 10,5 kg-13,5 kg, as well as minted bars of 5 g., 10 g., 20 g., 50 g., 100 g., 250 g., 500 g., 1000 g. Our bank also offers gold delivering under the commission agreements with Russian commercial banks and miners.
  • On-time delivery of gold is effected by specialized Russian and international transportation companies on terms of CIP. The delivery time (including assay control and customs clearance) - 3-4 business days.
  • APB offers gold, silver, platinum and palladium purchasing/selling on unallocated bullion accounts for the purpose of hedging and investing of surplus funds with possibility of raising funds against the balances on unallocated bullion accounts through swap transactions.
  • APB opens and maintains unallocated bullion accounts free of charge.

Deposits and accounts

Asian-Pacific Bank offers different types of deposit products to its corporate/SME clients, including time deposits (1-31 days, 1-36 months), opening and maintaining current accounts and allocating temporary surplus funds in promissory notes.

Correspondent Relations

Asian-Pacific Bank is committed to provide the best settlements services to its clients and its improvement on on-going basis.

Due to the fact that its head office is based in Blagoveschensk and it has a branch in Moscow, Asian-Pacific Bank offers a unique service to execute payments 17 hours per day (starting at 9.00 am Blagoveschensk time and closing at 8.00 pm Moscow time).

We offer:
  • Establishing of correspondent relations
  • Opening and maintaining loro correspondent accounts
  • Maintaining a minimum required balance on correspondent accounts